Introduction to digital marketing for business (part 1)


Regardless of the size or scope of your business, your customers expect to have a relationship with you online. That’s why you need a digital marketing strategy. To help you get started—or improve the online presence you already have—Brother Canada is offering this concise three-part series.




Top 3 tips to optimize your business online

Customers are increasingly turning to online media first, for your phone number, your location, product ordering, reviews, and so much more. So your business needs to be there—even if what you do seems to have diddly to do with digital.

We spoke with industry experts for their pointers on digital marketing. Treat the ideas that follow as experiments. Try them out. Study the results. Tweak and adjust based on what works, and repeat.

In time you’ll learn what works for your business, build trust with your customers—and reap the rewards.


15_BROTHER_ICONS4_1Step 1: Make yourself easy to find

How search-engine friendly are you? Try Googling the name of your business, along with the keywords a potential customer would use to find you. “Over 90 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, and increasingly on a mobile phone,” says Kay Wesolowski, Vice President, Digital Media Director at Kelly Scott Madison, an independent media agency.

And once customers get to your site, make sure you reward them: “More and more, Google search results are prioritising sites that are regularly updated with engaging, well-written content,” Wesolowski adds. “One way to keep content fresh and interesting is to start a blog about your product or service. And remember to show your passion!”


15_BROTHER_ICONS4_2Step 2: Keep it simple

Astute marketers know that people today have limited time and attention spans. In a world of messages, notifications, alerts and other white noise, people choose easy over hard almost every time.

“It’s ironic, but the simplest way to win someone’s attention online is if you don’t ask for much of it to begin with,” says Alya Sherman, VP, Strategic Agency Partnerships at ContextMedia, Inc. “Your job as a marketer is to make sure your message is clear, and sent through the right channels, at the right time, with the right amount of frequency. You’ll build trust in your brand without being—or appearing to be—too intrusive.”


15_BROTHER_ICONS4_3Step 3: Grow your email list

“The inbox is still personal, so start building a mailing list now,” says Patrick Noble, founder of, an independent digital marketing agency specializing in developing and implementing custom digital marketing plans for SMBs in Canada.

“A well-crafted email with a clear call to action is a great sales tool,” said Noble. “Offer something of value in return for the right to communicate with your customer by email.”

Noble recommends Mail Chimp, which lets you manage a list of up to 2 thousand subscribers and send up to 12 thousand emails for free. You can also use social channels like Facebook and Twitter to target customers with paid promoted posts, directly into their news feeds. “It’s a great way to reach warm leads with a limited advertising budget, and without casting a wide net,” says Noble.


15_BROTHER_ICONS4_4The right message by the right channel at the right time

Digital marketing, like all marketing, is about crafting and delivering the right message to your intended audience. It’s about meeting their needs, on their terms. But it’s never been easier to learn and start marketing online. And, if you stick with it and continually modify according to results, you’ll build trust—and hopefully—customers for life!


Stay tuned for Part 2 in our digital marketing series, on social media, coming soon.

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